The Debt is and was the GOP’s Fault and Here is the Graphic to Prove It

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney took aim Tuesday at President Obama’s $787 billion economic stimulus package, blaming it for a soaring federal debt that he likened to a prairie fire.

“President Obama started out with a near trillion-dollar stimulus package – was the biggest, most careless one-time expenditure by the federal government in history,” Romney said. “And remember this: the stimulus wasn’t just wasted – it was borrowed and wasted. We still owe the money, we’re still paying interest on it, and it will be that way long after this president’s out of office.”

In a speech at the Hotel Des Moines to about 200 people, including some prominent Iowa politicians, Romney said that the federal debt is “not solely a Democrat or Republican problem.” But he placed the blame for it squarely on Obama, saying he had increased the debt by $5 trillion – or $520,000 per average American household.

You can see in the graph below where TARP fits in.  Is Mitt Romney lying just a tad?  Yes, Romney’s lying problem persists.

Fantastic graph created by TPM.  Click HERE for the entire story.

and if that wasn’t enough…..

Spending, Taxes, And Deficits Are All Lower Today Than When Obama Took Office!!

Please visit Think Progress for the article about this by clicking HERE.  Don’t you love charts and facts :-)

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4 Responses to The Debt is and was the GOP’s Fault and Here is the Graphic to Prove It

  1. Daleks says:

    The legend in the top chart uses colors that aren’t used in the chart. Who made this thing?

  2. Daleks says:

    The legend in the top chart has colors not actually used in the chart! This isn’t rocket science.

    • vjoseph says:

      It was the site TPM. They are actually used – they are at the very top and bottom. Top is projected deficit and bottom is what the deficit would have been without the tax cut, economic situation, etc.

  3. Wilson says:

    Isn’t it more like 52,000 per household?

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