Mitt Romney Open Mic Roundup

Romney has had his own hot-mic moment.  At Florida fundraiser (overheard by NBC’s Garrett Haake), Romney commented on the following:

  • He would eliminate HUD – so much for that supposed safety net for the poor that he spoke about in a gaffe earlier this year.  Why does eliminating programs for the poor endear him to rich donors?  Oh, because Rush Limbaugh has convinced those donors that the poor are lazy and are living off of handouts from the hard-working rich.  Gotcha.  Funny that the rich are living off of handouts from the government – one fo those ironies that happen when your dealing with ignorance.
  • He would drastically cut the Education Department – This is not exactly making an investment in the future.  Given this department get relatively little budget already, he must be making an appeal to the anti-intellectual impulse in the GOP.  Do the richest donors want an uneducated underclass?
  • He and his wife also were giddy about the Hilary Rosen flap – Of course they are.  Anything to take the focus off of vaginal probes and defunding women’s health services.  I don’t think the housewife debate is going to be enough to take the focus off of the War on Women for too long.
  • He wants a “Republican DREAM Act” in order to get more Latino voters – Wow, a candid moment.  He want to create a political initiative, not necessarily to improve the lives of latino voters, but rather to get their votes. Sounds more like a business negotiation than public policy.

A man of and for the people, indeed.  A shame I am not one of them :-(


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