Welfare, Teenage Pregnancy and Obesity at Epidemic Levels in Red States – Is this the GOP Blueprint for America?

Statistically speaking, the Red State vs Blue State comparison would be better called Black and White (no reference to race) – there is so much contrast.  It is like two different countries actually.  Red States dominate the charts when it comes to how much welfare they receive, how obese they are and their number of teenage pregnancies.  The Blue States are the ones that end up paying the bill – whether this is in the form of public assistance or higher healthcare costs.

Do as we say, not as we do

In fact, the GOP has cleverly used many of these issues as attack points, trying to pin the reputation for these traits on the Democrats, Liberals and Blue States when in fact they are far more guilty than anyone else.

Facts from the Stats

  • Of the 32 states that receive more welfare than they contribute, 27 (84%) are Red States
  • 14 out of the 15 states with the highest levels of teenage pregnancy are Red States
  • The 7 most obese states voted overwhelmingly for McCain in 2008, the 7 least obese, for Obama



Source / Design: Michael Pinto

You hear it almost every time a Republican presidential candidate speaks – the evils of welfare.  They speak about how THEY are opposed to an Obama welfare state, where personal responsibility has given way to an addiction to handouts.

Red meat for Red states?  Do you know what the irony of this position is?  Red States are the ones that receive the lion’s share of welfare.  To be more precise, they receive more from the system than they put in.


Teenage Pregnancy

The CDC report released Tuesday focused on state figures. The authors say the teen declines have been attributed to pregnancy prevention efforts. They note that a recent government survey showed more use of contraception by teens.

If you hear about your state legislature passing money-wasting laws in your state to promote abstinence education, ask them to explain the following stats.

State list with the rate per 1,000 teenage girls:

1. Mississippi – 55
2. New Mexico – 52.9
3. Arkansas – 52.5
4. Texas – 52.2
5. Oklahoma – 50.4
6. Louisiana – 47.7
7. Kentucky – 46.2
8. West Virginia – 44.8
9. Alabama – 43.6
10. Tennessee – 43.2
11. South Carolina – 42.5
12. Arizona 42.4
13. Georgia 41.4
14. Kansas 39.2
15. Wyoming 39



Morbidly Obese Governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie

What is the connection between obesity and the GOP?  Why are the most obese states also the reddest?  

The connection between the Red States and obesity is undeniable.  Below is a chart of that illustrates the the close link between the average obesity and overall health of a state and their voting patterns in the 2008 presidential election.

The seven states with the highest level of obesity all voted for McCain by double digits while the seven least obese states voted for Obama by double digits (with the exception of Colorado).  Not surprisingly, the seven most obese states are all in the top 10 most unhealthy states while the opposite is true of the least obese states.

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6 Responses to Welfare, Teenage Pregnancy and Obesity at Epidemic Levels in Red States – Is this the GOP Blueprint for America?

  1. Deanna says:

    “Freedom” means that I’m free to eat myself into an early grave (and a double wide casket that has to be lifted by a crane);
    “Freedom” means that I’m free to demand the right not to have health insurance (and take my suit all the way to the Supreme Court) even if it means that 5 years from now (or next year even), I’ll be uninsurable and I’ll have to impoverish myself and the next 2 generations of my family to save my life. But at least my rights won’t have been infringed.
    “Freedom” means that I’m free to make choices inimical to my own best interests while my well-fed, health-insured for life, pensioned for life Congressman/woman or Senator cheers me on.
    Ain’t ‘freedom’ grand!

    • rauljg says:

      My rights are infringed upon because of your freedom to be fat and unhealthy. My right to AFFORDABLE health care goes out the window when my premiums are raised due to your over utilization of healthcare services based on your poor choices! The thing is your not just impoverishing yourself and next 2 generations..your impoverishing us all when you and your family don’t have a nickel left the ambulance will still pick you up and the hospital will still treat you and that costs will be passed on to me and all other responsible Americans that make the right choices! But who cares about our freedom..as long as you can do whatever the heck you want even if it has negative consequences for others.

  2. You’re right. You have the right to deny healthcare. Then sign a legal contract stating that if you or your fat sick kids need emergency care you request the right to die with no interference from medical experts. No matter how much you beg for it then. Because pp like you vote to prevent my taxes from going into a pool that will allow all americans to be safe from the inability to afford healthcare…Instead, my taxes must go to saving you and your families sick asses every time you need medical care.
    That idiot on tv who had 19 kids stood there advocating for his pro life beliefs whereby he uses no birth control….then, we see him and his hoard of kids at a hospital where he admits, the state pays for their emergency care. How convenient to espouse NO GOVERNMENT EVER…then you let our taxes save your ass. Just like all the republicans who enjoy cushy pay and benefits in government jobs that they vote against. Live you convictions…dont be hypocrites…get a private sector job teaching in a charter school for crap money and endless hours a week…and let those of us who voted for unions and government enjoy the fruits of our labor.

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