Mitt Romney’s Desperate Attempt to Spread the Welfare Lie

The lies are coming fast and furious from the Romney campaign.  It is no wonder his previous opponents have something in common, a deep dislike for him.  We are starting to see why.  Relentless dishonest negative attacks about made-up issues.  Last week it was taking away voting rights from veterans in Ohio (a complete lie).  This week it is a lie about welfare reform.  Below is an article by the AP about Romney’s baseless charges.

Romney accuses Obama of dismantling welfare reform

By JULIE PACE, Associated Press – Aug 7, 2012

WASHINGTON (AP) — Republican Mitt Romney is making a new push to cast President Barack Obama as a big government liberal, accusing him of dismantling welfare reform, while Democrats renew efforts to paint Romney as a profit-driven businessman.

The Romney campaign released a new television ad Tuesday bashing Obama for removing work requirements from federal welfare regulations, a key element of President Bill Clinton’s 1996 welfare overhaul. The ad contends that Obama simply wants to hand out welfare checks, while Romney would restore the work requirement.

The White House says Obama’s decision last month to change welfare requirements gives states the flexibility they have been asking for to make the program more efficient. Romney was among several Republican governors who signed a letter in 2005 asking for more “waiver authority.” Romney is a former Massachusetts governor.

The Romney campaign sees Obama’s move as an opportunity to argue that the president is a liberal who wants to give the poor a free pass at the expense of the middle class.

It should come as no surprise to anyone that Romney is going on the attack about another issue he supported previously.  It seems his complete 180 on all issues is nearly complete.

The ironic part of this welfare smear campaign is that in “reality”, the face of welfare isn’t anything like what the Republican spin machine wants us to believe.  In reality (that magical place where statistics live),  if welfare has a face, it is very white, rural and corporate.  A vast majority of all ‘welfare’ goes to these three groups.

Which states receive the lion’s share of welfare?  Again, it is not what the Republicans would like you to think.  In fact, if you map the states that receive the most welfare on the map, it look remarkably similar to the 2008 presidential electoral map.  The Red States receive far more welfare than they pay into the system.  Who flips the bill?  Blue states.

Source / Design: Michael Pinto

In fact, you can draw direct parallels to the debt crisis in Europe.  Derek Thompson at the Atlantic explained it quite well in a recent article:

The difference between the U.S. and Europe is that when the Greek economy “pulls a Mississippi” (or perhaps I should say, when Mississippi “pulls a Greece”), the EU and the U.S. have 180-degree opposite reactions. Over here, we calmly write checks to Mississippi in the form of Medicaid and unemployment insurance, no questions asked. Europe has no comparable “Peripheraid” for its weak peripheral states. Instead, it has chaos.

Michael Cembalest, the JP Morgan analyst and author of the my favorite new chart about monetary unions— it’s not a crowded field, admittedly — passes along another clever graph which shows fiscal transfers (don’t worry, that’s just another word for money) between the rich California-Connecticut-Illinois-New Jersey-New York quintuple and poorer states like Tennessee. If similar, seamless transfers existed in the EU, the rich north would have to send to Portugal and Greece at least an additional 30 cents for every dollar they paid in taxes, year after year after year.

Welfare is a Lie that is Central to the Mitt Romney Campaign

The ‘welfare’ perception that is a leftover from the 70s (where liberal Democrats were seen as politicians ready to shower the masses with welfare) is very critical to their efforts to win over the rural and lower middle class white vote.  It is their intent to paint Obama as one of these ‘liberals of the 70s’ because it will give the impression that he is taking something from that class and giving it to another.  In other word, real, verifiable, despicable class warfare.  All of course based on complete lies.



Any better way to Start your Morning?

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21 Responses to Mitt Romney’s Desperate Attempt to Spread the Welfare Lie

  1. Janet Bosley says:

    This should not come as a surprise to anyone.

    RULES OF NEWT – #1 – If you are guilty of something, scream at the top of your lungs that your opponent is guilty of the exact same thing. At best, they will get the blame (even though they are innocent). At worst, it will be a Political draw.

  2. James b. says:

    I would think with another trillion-dollar-plus deficit, all the states would be getting back more than they are paying in.

    • Janet Bosley says:

      It is funny, when people talk about deficits, they act as if Obama is to blame – like he could magically erase them. Here is an example of what he was given:

      Obama marries a lady that had a really shitty ex-husband. Before he left, he bought 2 BMW’s (wars), a boat (Prescription Drug) and he talked her into getting a lower paying job (Tax Cuts). She used to have something left over at the end of the month (surplus), but now she is paying out more than she brings in. She cannot default on any of her obligations (credit rating), but now she has three new monthly payments which brings her total to twice as much as they used to be. Her ex tells her that cutting back on food will solve her problem, but the math doesn’t add up.

      • Jhonathan Reb. says:

        So he gets several new credit cards with high interest rates, and maxes them out to pay off the bills. Then he tells her to pay for his health insurance, and completely ignores the vows he made at their wedding.

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  5. digdeeper says:

    What simpleminded rhetorical nonsense. Since when is MOST federal spending welfare? The amount of federal dollars spent on category of “defense” is larger than that spent on the category of “welfare”

    • Brie says:

      You can find more detailed analysis on many other sites. These studies are updated every couple of years and get the same results. It takes into account all federal taxes paid vs. federal money given to the state (ss, Medicare/Mediaid, veterans, education etc.). It does not factor in federal dollars as to running the beurocracy – federal money for federal jobs – defense doesn’t factor in. One criticism is they didn’t factor in farm subsidies which would further put rural republican states in the red on the balance sheet.

  6. Some pretty extreme wording from a blog calling itself “Centrist”

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  8. redux says:

    These bar charts speak loud and clear. I get the message. Thanks for sharing that.

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  13. Jhonathan Reb. says:

    This graphic is skewed. A large portion of the land in these[welfare] states is government owned. Therefore a lot of tax money goes into upkeep for that land. A good example of this is New Mexico. Almost the entire state is government owned (area 51, and las alamos for instance). Which is why they are #1 on the welfare list. Whereas there are is almost no government property in Rhode Island, explaining why its #1 on the other list. This is basically a list showing which states have the least (or most) amount of private land.

    I don’t like Romney (or any of the GOP candidates for that matter) either, but you shouldn’t spew bullshit just to get peoples votes.

    • vjoseph says:

      Just added a breakdown of federal spending for 2012 – not really seeing the maintenance of public lands line that you are referencing. New Mexico spending goes largely towards the high percentage of Native Americans that live in the state.

      No need to leave biting, offensive comments.

    • Mr.Left says:

      Like Nevada right, or CA or TX, all with significant military presence. Or do you think Mississippi and Alabama can attribute their being state succubusses to federal military spending or the fact they are backward, theocratic, 3rd world hellholes?

  14. Bud says:

    Interesting comments from the OP “No need to leave biting, offensive comments” If you truly are a centrist do you have any criticism of the DNC ?

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