The “GOP is Fiscally Responsible Myth” Debunked

Source: CBO Historical Budget Page and Whitehouse FY 2012 Budget

Have you ever heard this one – The GOP is the party of fiscal responsibility?  Do you know what?  It is a complete lie! (unless of course facts lie)  A lie that has been told so  many times, people believe it – but it is not true.

If you look at the table above, you will notice something interesting – the increase in debt as percentage of GDP – GOES DOWN – when a Democrat is President.  The only exception being Obama, but with two active wars, GOP tax cuts, an unfunded Senior RX plan and an impending depression – he has done a really good job of slowing the explosive growth.

So, bottom line – the GOP spends like there is no tomorrow – time and time again.  The GOP was and is the party of absolutely no fiscal discipline.

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