Sharpton broadcasts from NY hub of Occupy Wall Street protests

From CNN – The Rev. Al Sharpton brought his nationally syndicated radio show to the New York hub of the Occupy Wall Street movement on Monday, lending his support to a cause that he says speaks for “99% of the people.”

“We are here today because we agree 1% should not be controlling the (nation’s) wealth,” Sharpton said on his program from Zuccotti Park in Lower Manhattan. “These (demonstrators) are regular people trying to feed their families, trying to pay their rent and mortgages, trying to survive.”

“Keepin’ It Real,” hosted by the outspoken civil rights activist, is the latest media outlet to shine a spotlight on the movement. As of Monday, demonstrators will have camped out at the privately owned Zuccotti Park for 24 days. And their efforts appear to be gaining steam, spawning like-minded protests in more than a dozen cities nationwide.

Organizers of the “leaderless resistance movement” also billed Monday as “Kids Speak Out” day, given that many schoolchildren are off for Columbus Day.

“Even as banks got bailed out, American children have witnessed their parents get tossed out of their homes and lose their jobs. Public school kids have lost arts, music and physical education,” the movement’s website said. “Now our kids can see activists take these issues to the streets in a democratic forum at Occupy Wall Street.”

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