Listen to Wisconsin’s Governor Scott Walker when he thinks he is speaking to Koch (Full-LengthAudio)

Wisconsin Governor shows the GOP a willing participant in Power Grab by Major Corporations

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker was caught on tape talking about his strategy to beat Wisconsin’s public employee unions. The editor of the on-line Buffalo Beast told the receptionist he was David Koch –the billionaire who gives to conservative causes. The call went 20 minutes and the Governor never caught on, not even at the end:

Buggalo Beast Editor: Once you crush these bastards I’ll fly you out to Cali and really show you a good time.

Walker: That would be outstanding. Thanks for all the support and helping us move the cause forward.

But the most significant part of the call is the very beginning:

Walker: Hi this is Scott Walker.

Buffalo Beast Editor: Scott, David Koch.

Right there — where the governor takes the call because he recognizes the name:

Its an unusually clear reminder why donors give the big money to politicians — Access.

That’s why rich people give money AND that’s why unions give money. And watch out democrats — the next “UNION OFFICIAL” who calls might not be.

Which brings up another point:

Unions may protect mediocre workers, impose a lot of stupid rules, and spend members’ money on politics. But that money ALSO gives Joe No-Name the kind of access that David Koch can get just by picking up the phone:

Even when its not David Koch.

By the way – tip for politicians when a big contributor calls: You say — hey — let me get to my office; call you right back — what’s your number?

Listen to the entire conversation below.

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