Oklahoma Taxpayers on Hook for Thousands of Dollars of Electricity Governor Fallin’s Daughter Used


Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin said Tuesday she was trying to be a good mother when she let her daughter park a “trailer” on the grounds of the governor’s mansion, but that the vehicle runs afoul of an obscure state regulation and Christina Fallin must move the home on wheels.

Christina (her daughter) had the travel trailer before she moved it to the mansion and was looking for a permanent place to put it. She had one living arrangement that fell through and that is when her mother told her to park it out back.

Since it has been parked, it has been plugged into the state capital building, using thousands of dollars of Oklahoma taxpayers dollars a month. “She doesn’t have two pennies to rub together”, a family friend confided. “She wouldn’t be able to afford her own utility bills”.

How do you feel about paying for thousands of dollars of utility bills for the governor’s daughter with your tax dollars?  Do you think Governor Fallin should pay back the state?  Let her know @GovMaryFallin.

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US Taxpayers Pay $6.2 Billion in Benefits per Year to keep Wal-Mart Employees from Starving

IMG_1340Did you know that US Taxpayers are subsidizing Wal-Mart to the tune of $6.2 billion dollars every year?  Because Wal-Mart does not pay a living wage, millions of their employees qualify for food stamps and other assisted living benefits (to keep people in homes and from starving).  Can you imagine, working a 40 hour work week and not making enough money to feed your family or have minimal health insurance.  This is the reality millions of employees face every day.

With an estimated 242 million adults in the United States, this means EVERY TAXPAYER PAYS AN ESTIMATES $25 EVERY YEAR TO KEEP WAL-MART EMPLOYEES FROM STARVING.  So the next time you think you are getting a bargain price on dishwashing soap, just remember that you are paying for it in your taxes.

But paying a living wage would break the bank for Wal-Mart you say.  Actually not even close.  The Gross Profit for Wal-Mart was $129 Billion in 2014.  If you subtract the $6.3 billion US tax payers are paying each year, you still have $122.7 billion.

The next time you are at Wal-Mart, be nice to the check out person – because despite the fact they are probably working a 40 hour week like the rest of us – chances are they are living below the poverty line.

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Minimum Wages around the World – It’s Time to Wake Up


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Douche of the Day – Seymour Hersh – Bin Laden Conspiracy Theorist

Seymour HershEveryone else has been lying – HUGE conspiracy – and HE figured it out.  You have got to love the UNAMED SOURCE – kinda gives you a license to make up anything.  Washed up journalist trying to get some attention – sad, pathetic.  Job offer from FoxNew to follow soon.

FROM CNN: Journalist Seymour Hersh is alleging President Barack Obama and his administration lied about the circumstances surrounding the 2011 killing of Osama bin Laden, an account close followers of the raid to kill the al Qaeda leader are aggressively disputing. 

Citing an anonymous “major U.S. source,” Hersh writes in the London Review of Books that the Obama administration cooperated with Pakistani intelligence officials to kill bin Laden, and that the chief of staff of the Pakistani army and director general of the Inter-Services Intelligence Agency knew about the mission, contrary to Obama’s claim that Pakistani officials weren’t aware of the raid in advance.

For more click HERE.

Also check out – The many problems with Seymour Hersh’s Osama bin Laden conspiracy theory

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Douche of the Day – Chuck Norris – Texas Invasion Imminent

Chuck Norris Issues Urgent Call to Action to Americans Over Obama’s “Martial Law” Exercises

From Conservativetribune.com

The Pentagon plans to run one of the biggest military training exercises in American history from mid-July through mid-September. Dubbed Jade Helm 15, the multi-state operation has some, including famed martial artist and filmmaker Chuck Norris, wondering what’s really going on.

In a newly published piece for WND, Norris argued that he believes Americans should remain vigilant about this unprecedented operation.

For more, click HERE.

Wow, Chuck doesn’t do anything half-ass.  From justice-delivering badass in Texas Ranger to drink-slinging, prostitute promoting casino owner in Moscow to fundamentalist religious wacko and right-wing conspiracy creator – Chuck gets it done!

What is his latest contribution to society?  The US Army is going to invade Texas, and he wants you to know about it.  Super secret Obama plans, revealed!!  Thank you Chuck for feeding the fanatical ignorance cult, you are a true patriot (even though you seem to hate the government and now our military – small details).

Moscow’s Booze, Whores and Profits – A Christian’s Journey

Well, he is pushing 80, but doesn’t have a grey hair on his head.  You have to give it to him for tenacity.  He is also a sucker for any right-wing wacko plan.  Check out his latest political video above.  Wonder if it will be any more effective than the one he did below?

Political Ad in 2012 – If Obama is elected, End-of-Days will be upon us: http://youtu.be/7ud3pK5Wa90

Chuck may not like socialism, but he didn’t mind making money selling booze and whores in Russia. Beverly Hills casino was located at 1 Kudrynskaya in downtown Moscow and was a hot destination a decade ago.  It was famous for its criminal element and its high class hookers.  In fact working girls not only lined the front of the casino, they also worked the floor.  They charged ‘the going rate’ on par with the other high brow gentlemen’s clubs in town.

The Legendary Beverly Hills Casino in Moscow

It seems like casinos were one of Chuck’s favorite investment vehicles (as is with all good Christians).  Here is an excerpt of an article about a deal gone bad in Lebanon.

Court of Appeal Cuts Damage Award Against Chuck Norris Over Soured Deal to Reopen Casino in Lebanon

By a MetNews Staff Writer This district’s Court of Appeal has upheld a ruling holding actor Chuck Norris liable in connection with his role in a failed deal to reopen a long-closed casino inLebanon, but has substantially cut the damage award. Div. Five said the award of $169,000 to Falcon Group, the promoter of the proposed casino, wasn’t supported by substantial evidence and cut it to $55,000. Norris allegedly became involved in the Lebanese discussions through Russian-American businessman Nikolaj Vissokovsky II, who Norris met on a visit toRussia in 1992. Vissokovsky brought Norris into the Lebanese discussions, according to testimony, after Vissokovsky was introduced to Falcon’s principal, entertainment producer Roger Kalousz, by an acquaintance. Falcon claimed to have spent $285,000 on the casino project before it learned in 1995 that Norris was pulling out. Norris, who reportedly owns small interests inLas Vegas casinos, later invested $1.5 million in a Moscow casino project at Vissokovsky’s urging and lost every penny of it, according to newspaper accounts and testimony in the Falcon case. Falcon sued Norris; his manager, Myron Emery, who allegedly handled the details of Norris’ proposed involvement on the actor’s behalf; and Vissokovsky. Falcon sought huge damages, but jurors concluded that the defendants didn’t commit fraud, didn’t misrepresent facts, and intended to perform. The jury did find, however, that Falcon paid $169,000 pursuant to a valid contract prior to its abandonment or rescission, and Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Caesar Sarmiento awarded judgment in that amount.

Wow, lucky break.  When your in bed with the Russian mafia, you are lucky to make it out alive. Since his wild mafia, liquor, and whoring days Chuck has been in deep prayer and his submissive wife hasn’t said a word.

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New Jersey Governor Chris Christie Enters Presidential Race – Releases First Campaign Ad

How does our president like his meals? In a bucket please. The poster-child of GOP gluttony has decided to enter the race.

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Distribution of Wealth in America

This will astound you.  Please SHARE!!!!

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