Rand Paul’s Gay Rumors Persist

Recently, Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., a rumored 2016 presidential candidate, has bashed the former president over the Lewinsky sex scandal, going as far to say Clinton exhibited predatory behavior.  However, the same allegations have also been made towards him by men who went to college with him at Baylor University.

“He was a bully when he would drink.” a former acquaintance said. “He would get touchy and grabby with men and I think he only got away with it because people knew his father was someone important.”

“Its no secret to anyone that knows him and I am sure Kelley knows”, says a long time friend.  Another friend adds, “Everyone knows, and frankly no one cares.  It is between him and his wife. The only thing that I worry about is that he likes them young.”   In the past before he was in congress, he would go as far away as New Orleans and Nashville for a ‘men’s weekend’ and visit the local ‘leather and levis’ bars.

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Why do Oklahoma Republicans Hate the Constitution and Freedom?

A federal judge ruled recently that an Oklahoma law limiting marriage to heterosexual couples violates the U.S. Constitution, giving yet another victory to same-sex marriage supporters.

“The Court holds that Oklahoma’s constitutional amendment limiting marriage to opposite-sex couples violates the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution,” the judge wrote, saying that protection “is at the very heart of our legal system.”

Gov. Mary Fallin spoke out against the ruling, which she said defied the views of 75% of those who voted in favor of limiting marriage to a man and woman.  “I support the right of Oklahoma’s voters to govern themselves on this and other policy matters,” Fallin said. “I am disappointed in the judge’s ruling and troubled that the will of the people has once again been ignored by the federal government.”

Attorney General E. Scott Pruitt agreed with the governor’s sentiments.

“It is a troubling decision,” Attorney General Scott Pruitt said. “As the Supreme Court recently noted in the Windsor case, it is up to the states to decide how to define marriage, not the federal government. There is a case involving the State of Utah currently pending before the 10th Circuit that is identical to the case in Tulsa. The issue most likely will end up at the U.S. Supreme Court and the outcome will dictate whether Oklahoma’s constitutional provision will be upheld,” Pruitt said in a statement.

Rep. James Lankford issued the following statement after today’s ruling:

“This is why the American people are so frustrated with government and government officials; the people speak clearly but elected officials and judges ignore them. In 2004, Oklahomans overwhelmingly decided marriage is a unique institution between a man and a woman. Since the Constitution leaves marriage laws to the states, the State of Oklahoma has the right to define marriage in a way consistent with the values of our state.”

So in short, these ‘patriots’ supports a popular wedge vote over what the constitution says.  No surprise really.  In Fallin’s case, this is coming from a lady that committed adultery with a State Trooper which resulted in the destruction of two families.  That kind of lewd horndog, sexual behavior is ok, but the long-term union of two people that love each other, not so much?  Kind of pathetic actually – just another Republican that thinks they should have a say what goes on in your bedroom.

All Republicans. All Oklahomans. All hate the Constitution. All hate Freedom. The new and improved GOP – coming to a bedroom near you soon. Oh, and if you have lady parts, they already got a claim on what you can do with those.

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Tea Party already using Moore Tornado Tragedy for Politics

Tea Party using Moore Tornado Tragedy for Politics

It is really sickening to think that the children who have been killed in this horrific tornado have not even been buried – but right-wing groups are already plying politics with this tragedy.

Above is a pic from dustinstockton.com (whatever that is) that has been showing up on facebook.

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Are you scared of the Big Bad Government? Good chance you are 40, a little chubby and feel like a victim

Are you scared of the big bad government? Do you torture all your friends and families on holidays and on facebook with all of your ‘they got to believe me now’ stories about an out of control and crazy government? Do you still believe, contrary to any evidence in the rational world, that the government is coming after your guns? If so, never fear. The world isn’t coming to an end and your government isn’t coming to get you. Chances are your just a wimp.

If this describes you, you may want to consider the following advice:

1. Grow a pair. Going through life in constant fear is no way to live. Even if your dad didn’t teach you how to be a man, that is not an excuse.

2. Get checked for Low-T. You may not be a wimp after all. Your cowardliness might be a medical condition. You might be lacking sufficient amounts of testosterone in your blood to make you feel (and act) like a man.

3. Less time being an ‘internet patriot’ – more time at the gym. Get your fat, straight, forty year old arse off of the couch and get to the gym. The founding fathers didn’t risk their lives so you could be a whining couch potato. BTW, when you see the really ripped hairy guy at the gym – he is what is called a muscle bear. He is gay and he can kick your ass, so mind your manners.

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We are Back :-)

After a couple months of R&R – its time to get political again.


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GOPs Desperate Benghazi Strategy


So sad – so desperate. When is the last time that the GOP has contributed to governance? Fake controversy after fake controversy. Praying that something will stick.

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Paranoid much?


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